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New version of the classic Memory cards game. You can create your own image sets, export and share them or import sets created by someone else.

You can download the Own Memory app on these stores:

  • Get it from Microsoft Store
  • Get it on Google Play

Free image sets


On social networks please use hashtag #OwnMemory when you write anything on this app or share link to your set.

Author & contact

The Own Memory application was created by Petr Voborník from Amporis, s.r.o. with support of the allied company PoVI, s.r.o.

Cutom image sets

You can create custom sets of cards for the game in the app. Either you can use an internal set editor (currently only works with pictures), or you can use the following procedure:

  1. Choose and prepare pictures, eventually files of other types (audio or files with text)
  2. Pack them into the zip archive
  3. Change the file extension from .ZIP to .OMS and launch it

Editor of sets in the app

You can add a custom set directly from the main screen with the overview of the sets. You can also edit any of the imported sets. You can insert images into the set from the library of images on your device. Inserted images are automatically rotated according to EXIF information, cropped on a square, reduced to 512x512 pixels and saved as JPG of 80% quality. If one of these automatic actions does not suit you, you can prepare the image to the final form in any external application or use the feature for import of whole set.

You can export the finished set of images as the single file. You can back up and then re-import this set, copy and import it to another device, send it to your friends, family or even share it publicly. You can also import sets made by someone else.

Images in sets can be arbitrary. For example, you can create a sat of cards with family photos, photos of friends, classmates, leaders, characters from your favorite movies or serials, pictures of buildings, facilities, nature, monuments of the world's major metropolises, etc. You can also focus on images such as traffic signs, chemical elements, portraits of famous writers, actors, presidents, states, vocabulary in foreign language, animals, planets, etc.

Create a set of cards outside the application (only in Czech at now)

The exported card set with extension .OMS is actually a classic ZIP archive, in which the individual files are standardly packaged. You can create a set yourself by hand, without having to use the Own Memory application. A chosen pictures simply packe into the ZIP archive. You do not even need to change the file extension from .ZIP to .OMS because the ZIP file can also be imported. The .OMS extension is linked to the application and can be launched over these files and the import of the cards set will be offered directly.

The archive structure should be free of folders and contain only image files, audio files, or text files (xml). File names can be arbitrary, but you can use other features of the application by choosing this name appropriately. After import, you can delete any image from the set, add new ones or change the image for the back of the cards.

Images in sets imported from files created without application are no longer altered. Their format, dimensions, size and quality are used without any change in the game. However, it is not advisable to insert too large images. If any image does not have a square dimension, the entire card area will not be used to draw it.

Because the ZIP is an open format then cannot be ruled out that someone can also include files with illegal or even malicious content. The application verifies the format of the individual decompressed files while importing, however, you should import only sets from known sources checked by someone trusted, by antivirus or by self-controll of archive content.

Rules for file names in the set

Supported extensions of the files are:

  • Images: JPG, JPEG, PNG
  • Audio files: MP3, WAV
  • Text data: XML

Reserved file names

  • _info.* (data) - information about set (name, description, author, license, url and settings of the play board)
  • _back.* (image/data) - image and/or text data for back of cards of the set (if absents, default background image from the app will be used)
  • _theme.* (image) - image that is used in the sets list
  • _default.* (image/data/audio) - image, audio and/or text data used for cards without image, audio or text data (at least one of these file types must exists for card identification, other may be defaults); if this name has a suffix (e.g. "~a" or "~b", i.e. there are files "_default~a.jpg" and "_default~b.jpg") then these default images (or data or audio) will be linked with cards with the same suffix
  • _turn-card.* (audio) - a sound for turn a card
  • _pair.* (audio) - a default sound when the whole pair is turned
  • _pair~yes.* (audio) - a sound when the pair of the same cards is founded
  • _pair~no.* (audio) - a sound when the pair of a different cards is turned
  • _end.* (audio) - a default sound for the end of the game
  • _end~human.* (audio) - a default sound for the end of the game when human wins over computer
  • _end~computer.* (audio) - a default sound for the end of the game when computer wins over man
  • _end~both.* (audio) - a default sound for the end of the game when computer and man has the same score or when plays computers only

Reserved characters in file names

  • _ (underscore) - underscores at the beginning is reserved for special files (reserved file names, see above)
  • ~ (swung dash) - separator of the different cards in the same pair (e.g. card1~a.jpg and card1~b.jpg is the pair but with diferent images)
  • . (dot) - dot is before file extension, but can be used for separation of the culture code (two chars ISO 639-1) at the end of file name (e.g. if there are card2.en.jpg, card2.es.jpg and card2.jpg files, the first image will be shown only for english localization, second only for spanish and the third for every other languages)

Launch the game from the web by clicking on the set file

For launch the app Own Memory and import the set by clicking to a web link to a file with set of cards with .OMS extension, is necessery to set MIME type with ".oms" extension to value "application/x-oms" on the web server config.

Change log

Version 1.10 (2019-06-12)

  • GUI changes - icons moved to the top panel
  • XML text card support (also available as an add-on to the image) and more card layout options
  • The default tab settings can be defined in _default.xml.
  • A splash screen was added

Version 1.9 (2018-01-26)

  • Loading and showing data from _info.xml (name, description, author, license, URL and individual setting of a play board)
  • Animation of show/hide of the set detail on the main screen
  • Default back image of cards changed to the application main icon
  • Dialog with detail information of the set when double tap on a set or tap on the set detail bar between buttons play and edit
  • Play again button on the game over dialog
  • New setting "Auto start a new game when a previous ends" which allows set a presentation mode of never ending auto game
  • Support for a custom theme image (_theme.*) for sets list which can be a different from cards background

Version 1.8 (2018-01-17)

  • Dialog with more stats of the game and full score table when game finished
  • The number of moves and rounds during the game
  • Dialogs animations
  • Some little bug fixes

Version 1.7 (2018-01-09)

  • Dialog with a overview of players and settings of count of cards before starting a new game
  • Support for Windows 10 Mobile (min build version 14393)

Version 1.6 (2017-12-18)

  • List of cards sets is on the main page now
  • The game of selected set with chosen cards count can be launched directly from the main page
  • Hamburger menu on the main page
  • Hamburger menu on the set detail
  • Color theme

Version 1.5 (2017-12-11)

  • Version for Android (Google Play) from 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwitch) for open beta testing
  • Support of sounds when the pair is (not) found, the card is turned and when the game is over
  • Built-in (default) sounds and settings for activate/deactivate them
  • Improved navigation between application pages
  • Offer to share the exported set

Version 1.4 (2017-11-24)

  • Support for older Windows 10 devices - minimal required Windows 10 build is now 14393 Anniversary Update (mobile still not)

Version 1.3 (2017-11-21)

  • Support of audio files
  • Support of default images and audio files
  • Loading text information of the set from xml
  • Loading text information of cards from xml
  • Basic info about player after click to his avatar
  • Small update of the main icon

Version 1.2 (2017-11-19)

  • Support of different images for one pair
  • Support of localised files by culture code
  • Update of set editor
  • Prepared for more file types

Version 1.1 (2017-11-13)

  • First released version
  • Creating custom set from images
  • Export/import sets
  • Settings
  • AI
  • Default application for .OMS file extension


  • Full support of consolas controllers (Xbox One)
  • More easily import of new sets from web
  • Text cards (text information into cards)
  • Set detail
    • Rename set
    • Set info editor
    • Show and play audio files
    • Show and edit xml cards files
    • Custom cropping, zooming and rotating of inserting images
  • Version for
    • Windows Phone/Mobile
    • iOS
  • Better design
    • Application
    • Web
    • Store screen shots
  • More advanced settings
    • Background color or whole themes
    • In found cards show avatar of player which to found them
    • Set parameters for imported images
  • Achievements
  • Game pause (suspend and resume)
  • Video and animated cards
  • Better web with support of sharing, rating and direct downloading of the sets

Article about Own Memory

Voborník P.: New Modern Application for Gamified Memorizing Paired Facts by More Fun form of Memory Game with the Possibility of Own Content Development. In: DIVAI 2020 – The 13th international scientific conference on Distance Learning in Applied Informatics. Štúrovo, Slovakia: Wolters Kluwer, 2020, pp. 217–231. ISBN 978-80-7598-841-6, ISSN 2464-7470, ISSN 2464-7489.

PDF Article full text is available here


If you want to help us, you can do following:

  • Please report to us any bugs you find.
  • Send us your ideas for possible enhancements of the app.
  • Create and send us your sets, the best of them we will share here.
  • Help us with localization of the app to other languages.
  • Say about the app to your friends and share your experience on social networks.
  • Rate the app with 5 stars on the store.
  • Donate us.

Privacy policy

No any personal data are stored or sent anywhere in the Own Memory application.

The application allows you to create and export image sets to external files. Images remain stored only in the local application storage on the user's device, and are not stored or sent anywhere else until the set is exported. Only on the user's decision depends where these exported sets of images will be stored and who will have an access to it.

Autors of the Own Memory are not responsible for the content of packages of sets imported into the application, nor for any kind of damage caused by them.


  • The main icon of the application - pixabay.com CC0.
  • Commercial icons for buttons and Flags set are from IconExperience V-Collection owned by co-author PoVI, s.r.o.

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